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The Ecological Effects of Environment Change

In situ simulation of the response and adaptation mechanism of farmland ecosystem to environmental changes

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Research Group Introduction

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The research group “Ecological Effects of Environmental Change (EEEC)” investigates the effects of air pollution and climate change (surface ozone and carbon dioxide, warming and aerosols, etc.) on the function of farmland ecosystems; focusing on plant (photosynthetic physiological ecology, water physiological ecology, etc.), Soil (key microorganisms mediating carbon and nitrogen transformations, soil traits), plant-soil interface, soil-atmosphere interface and ecosystem-scale carbon and nitrogen cycling processes in response to environmental changes, adaptation and feedback.

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Our Work

1. Effects of atmospheric environmental change (e.g. increasing surface O3, enhanced N deposition and global warming, etc.) on C and N cycles and water use, as well as its combined mechanism in cropland and/or forest ecosystem using in situ filed observations, open top chambers and O3-FACE;
2. Feedback of urban plants to air pollutants;
3. Carbon sequestration and reduction in farmland ecosystems and global change.

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Field Site

This site was built 2020, locates in Yangzhou city, Jiangsu province. As a field experiment and demonstration base, it mainly carries out with original site field observation, control experiments for environment change(OTCs, O3-FACE platform), now has:
1. World top Free-Air Controlled Environment system
2. Open Top Chamber(OTC)
3. Eddy covariance flux observation and more advanced experiment platforms